Friday, December 24, 2010

the concept

Over the next several months I will be travelling to places associated with St. Ambrose of Milan, who is the patron saint of the university where I teach.  My goal is to tell stories about Ambrose at each of those places so that we can all learn a bit about this extraordinary man.  Of the great Church Fathers he is the least known, especially in the English world.  He deserves better.

The journey will not be chronological, according to his biography, so here's the general layout:
the destination                          the chronological sequence of the stories:
Rome:                                                                2
Florence:                                                            9
Milan:                                                                4
Thessaloniki:                                                      10
Turkey:                                                              7
various cities in Italy:                                          11
Seljuk:                                                               3
Aqualiea:                                                           8
Trier:                                                                 1 & 6
Milan:                                                               12
North Africa                                                     5